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I think you did a fantastic job on this piece. Even though it is inspired by an actual photo, I think your work here has a much stronge...




Bleke And Sid
Anyone who's voted for "Serpents of Old" at all the last few months on TWC will recognize this image hahaha. Since you're seeing it here that can only mean one thing!


PLEASE VOTE FOR US!  if you want to see what else Kilion has been hiding!

ANYhow I thought this would be a good time to talk about Bleke and Sid for anyone who wants to read more about them. Since they are minor characters... they will probably never be expounded on in detail in the comic.



Age: 37

Height: 6'2

Despite working under Kalverick, Bleke is a man of honor and takes his job very seriously. He joined the Umbra Sect believing he was going to protect his country and his people and that has been what he's done. His great skill and efficiency at his job landed him on Kalverick's brigade as a Captain. Many of the Umbras in Kalverick's brigade go to HIM if they have a problem, too fearful to go to Kal himself. Usually Bleke will handle it if it can be handled without going to the higher ups. Being close to Kalverick in age, Bleke does find it hard at times to take orders from him because he has no respect for him as a leader or a person. To him..... to be able to do his job he needs to be 'dedicated' to the Council and therefore to Kalverick, so he never voices his disdain. 

Not to mention... he has a wife and two young sons. He will never do anything that can put them in danger or in a bad situation in general. So if he has to be subservient to a boss he can't stand, he will do it for their sake.

He has a sword tatoo-ed on his face from when he was younger. Lol. If you ask him about it he gets kind of annoyed/embarrassed, and will sigh before telling you he was young and dramatic and it represents the old saying "live by the sword, die by the sword." He kind of regrets it. Actually.. he REALLY regrets it. The tattoo on his FACE XD. 

Currently in the comic, Bleke is mysteriously disappeared and it seems clear that his team was attacked while guarding Shera in prison. Where is he? Is he deceased? What happened to him? We will find out in Chapter 6 along with some VERY interesting news :3



Sid was created by :iconaliciamuhm: and you can actually READ HIS PROFILE HERE

But I can at least talk about his relationship with Barron and Bleke from their points of view ^_^

Barron had a preeetty good upbringing-- loving parents, comfy home--- and then there is one skid mark on it and that skid mark is Sid. Lolol Sid was the tormentor... the bane of Barron's existence. To this day, their relationship is still tense and volatile. Barron can stand up for himself now unlike what he was able to do as a child, but despite not showing it as best he can he still gets really uncomfortable around his sinister cousin, and Sid still looks for any chance he can get to torment him even as an adult. 
When Barron was kicked off of Kalverick's brigade (details on that to come in the comic ;D), Sid was glad to see him fail. Of course... "perfect Barron" gets hired onto Merek's brigade and begins to soar. Hell.. he EVEN became a captain under Merek! While Sid has been working for Kalverick 10 years and it has only just been brought up recently... IF he succeeds. So yea.. Sid hates him XDD.

Sid and Bleke have an interesting 'friendship.' Bleke is one of the rare people who seems to be able to put up with him. Bleke fills some kind of need for Sid to not be completely alone, and for Bleke I guess Sid fills the need as a sorta...companion? Friendship isn't a common thing amongst Kal's troops...most of the lesser Umbras just treat Bleke as 'captain'.... whereas Sid acts more like a peer (even if he IS technically under his rank ;P). It's a lot to say they really CARE about each other but maybe it's more accurate to say they....... are used to each other's company? They don't hate each other? Haha it's confusing to describe their relationship. 

Bleke COULD fall into the category of the type of person Sid hates--- sappy sense of justice and all that. Buuut unlike, say, Merek...... Bleke will never speak up if the Council gives an order he doesn't like. He just shuts up and takes it. I suppose THIS is tolerable to someone like Sid XDDD


Haha wow I really blabbed a lot about these two XDDD
2017 V-day CF Exchange: (COLLAB) King Martha
This was another backup piece I had to do for the exchange..... but I was stressing out because I had a billion other things to do as host, so I got as far as to sketch out the drawing and write it before :iconaliciamuhm: swooped in and saved me by lining and coloring it! Seriously saved my tail XDD

That exchange was crazy, man XDDD

You know... he may have had Gwynn's attention if he just stopped at the "killing husband" part LOL

This was for the comic King Martha
2017 V-day ComicFury Exchange: Arkian
My assignment for the V-day Crossover exchange on ComicFury.... for the comic Arkian.

I decided to go with Jules and Tael for this one.... deciding against the typical Vday CARDS on Valentines Day. Why make a card when you can decorate a big blue alien? This is obviously all Jules' idea X"D. I can only imagine what Wex and Mara will think X'D

(I may have accidentally started shipping older Jules and Tael omg X__X)
2017 V-day ComicFury Exchange: Autumn Bay
I hosted yet another crossover exchange on Valentine's day and this one nearly killed me XDD

This here was a backup piece I had to do for Autumn Bay. But I don't think it should count as a backup since I am a fan of the comic and the author! ^_^
ProfEtheric is good people :D

LOL seems Keymen doesn't undertand what is considered a date XD
S.o.O 1.5.37-- Kilion's Secret

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PLEASE VOTE FOR US!  to see that Kilion's face isn't ALL he has to hide!

And at last....we find out what Kilion's been hiding-- AND 'why' while we're at it!
It seems Hizruk isn't the only one persecuted for things out of his control :>. It's probably good for him to know this <3

Alas! Kilion speaks of the Council's vision of 'leaving behind the old nature'.. it's been a while but Daggot had touched on this too! Things are all connected :D


Tagged  by :iconazurextwilight-rllz:

You have to pick your favorite character from 10 different fandoms. LET'S DO THIS

1. Name 10 of your favourite characters from 10 different fandoms.
2. Tag 10 people


1. ZUKO from Avatar: The Last Airbender! (best character development evar <3)

2. Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones  (I just love that sharp brain of his <33)

3. Raylan Givens from Justified (HE'S HOT! And...super flawed and bad a*s-- who wouldn't want that in a character? :heart:)

4. Henry StandingBear from Longmire (I love his wisdom :heart:)

5. Mulan from Disney's Mulan (Probably one of my favorite female protagonists EVER <3)

6. Seth Bullock from Deadwood (I love his temper and his integrity and his hotness-- also he's the same actor who plays Raylan Givens! Bullock is why I wanted to watch "Justified" :D)

7. BATMAN from Batman the animated series (LOL staple of my childhood, okay? Love me a brooding hero with a square jaw and deep voice <333)

8. Kakashi from Naruto (he was the reason I started watching the show! Unfortunately even my great love--that still burns-- for Kakashi wasn't enough to KEEP me watching the show X'D. But I love characters like him who are funny but SUPER bada*s, mysterious, and good at what they do!)

---this is getting hard I'm having a hard time thinking of ten DIFFERENT fandoms X"D---

9. Miguel and Tulio from The Road to El Dorado (I can't say one without the other-- I LOVE dynamics like theirs!)

10. Aang from Legend of Korra (LOL because I don't consider AtLA and LoK the same category at all, Aang grew into quite the handsome fellow, aaand I LOVE Aang! In fact, seeing him was my fav part of LoK :'D)

I TAG: ANY one of my watchers who feels like doing this! I'd love to learn more about you guys!
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