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Navy SEAL by ThomChen114

I think you did a fantastic job on this piece. Even though it is inspired by an actual photo, I think your work here has a much stronge...




A Late Night Cigarette by HeSerpenty
A Late Night Cigarette
For those times you just can't sleep

I have been kinda uninspired, and unmotivated I did this sketch to hopefully help. I think it did a little XDD

Just a sketchy mess of Merek for ya. 

S.o.O 1.5.26-- Try to Take Me by HeSerpenty
S.o.O 1.5.26-- Try to Take Me

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"Hey let's NOT antagonize Hizruk. But, hold on a sec, lemme antagonize him real quick" XDD

Hizzy is slowly starting to piece things together in his little brain (isn't he precious? <33). In case you're forgetting about the conversation he's referencing... it's a few scenes back (on the bottom!).

Thanks for reading you guys! You keep me going! <333
Serpent Form.::Hizruk::. by HeSerpenty
Serpent Form.::Hizruk::.
Figure maybe I should color in the MAIN CHARACTER'S serpent form. That might be a good thing ;p

Little bit of spoilery stuff here... I wonder who will catch on to what exactly I'm talkin about >__>

Main character, Hizruk from "Serpents of Old"
Passionate Youth by HeSerpenty
Passionate Youth
Lol well... how to explain this...

This is set in Silver universe, and it's future generation/sorta crossover. Haha confusing I know XD-- but these characters exist in RPs and really won't get attention outside of that except for when I feel like drawing them :3 (like right now XDD)

Anyways! Their names are Natae and Dallas XD-- they've been friends since they were little kids. Lots of stuff happened, she had run away from home for a long time, and by a stroke of fate they found each other again X3. They ain't little kids no more...

Dallas (c) :iconaliciamuhm: (son of CarsonXScarlett from "Silver")
Natae (c) Me  (absolutely inspired by my ideas for what Merek's daughter would be like if he ever had one.... "Silver-fied" haha XD. She is every father's worst nightmare btw.)

I always regret not having an "old west" comic cuz I love it so much XDD... now is my chance to live vicariously through Alicia's! LOL!
S.o.O 1.5.25-- They're Coming by HeSerpenty
S.o.O 1.5.25-- They're Coming

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Things to think about:

-- This is the first time Hizzy has interacted with "himself" in his dreams..
-- Hizruk sensed the Umbras coming before everyone else
-- Kilion seems really overly intimidated by these Umbras :3

Yes! the foreground Umbra is an actual character (not the standard filler :P)... but I'll give him a proper introduction when his helmet comes off. HINT: You've seen him before every time you've voted on TWC ;D

Sorry this page took so long! Thanks for reading you guys! <333


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Tagged  by :iconazurextwilight-rllz:

You have to pick your favorite character from 10 different fandoms. LET'S DO THIS

1. Name 10 of your favourite characters from 10 different fandoms.
2. Tag 10 people


1. ZUKO from Avatar: The Last Airbender! (best character development evar <3)

2. Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones  (I just love that sharp brain of his <33)

3. Raylan Givens from Justified (HE'S HOT! And...super flawed and bad a*s-- who wouldn't want that in a character? :heart:)

4. Henry StandingBear from Longmire (I love his wisdom :heart:)

5. Mulan from Disney's Mulan (Probably one of my favorite female protagonists EVER <3)

6. Seth Bullock from Deadwood (I love his temper and his integrity and his hotness-- also he's the same actor who plays Raylan Givens! Bullock is why I wanted to watch "Justified" :D)

7. BATMAN from Batman the animated series (LOL staple of my childhood, okay? Love me a brooding hero with a square jaw and deep voice <333)

8. Kakashi from Naruto (he was the reason I started watching the show! Unfortunately even my great love--that still burns-- for Kakashi wasn't enough to KEEP me watching the show X'D. But I love characters like him who are funny but SUPER bada*s, mysterious, and good at what they do!)

---this is getting hard I'm having a hard time thinking of ten DIFFERENT fandoms X"D---

9. Miguel and Tulio from The Road to El Dorado (I can't say one without the other-- I LOVE dynamics like theirs!)

10. Aang from Legend of Korra (LOL because I don't consider AtLA and LoK the same category at all, Aang grew into quite the handsome fellow, aaand I LOVE Aang! In fact, seeing him was my fav part of LoK :'D)

I TAG: ANY one of my watchers who feels like doing this! I'd love to learn more about you guys!
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Lear-is-not-amused Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
are serpents immune to each others poison, or are they effected? 
HeSerpenty Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yesss generally serpent venom won't kill other serpents. For the most part it's just a nuisance, but the only time they can get ill from it is if they are pumped with a LOT of it haha
Lear-is-not-amused Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh i was just wondering! I was thinking of Danrean getting into a fight. maybe badly scarring his face or something... 
HeSerpenty Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooohhh D:
Not his beautiful face! X"DD haha aw more Danrean! Yea serpent venom wouldn't kill him unless excessive! Still be uncomfy tho!
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TheIdealMistress Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
What's a good reference for yourself? I'm redoing a trade I did with you a while back and plan to redo it this year coming. ^^
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