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I think you did a fantastic job on this piece. Even though it is inspired by an actual photo, I think your work here has a much stronge...




Another non SoO OC of mine!

Daive is a kind hearted man who works in an art museum as a touch up artist and also an art teacher. He is a VERY talented artist who pretty much lives and breathes his craft to the point where he's even failed a couple marriages because of his dedication to art (and I suppose less so his wife? X"D). He has never had children of his own but has developed a soft spot for two of his promising students, Ashur and Danaes (but particularly Ashur). 
For fun he likes to repaint famous paintings in the museum in his own style and with his own flare and the museum lets him do this in exchange for free art lessons to draw in more people (pun intended XDD).

He has a particular fascination with a certain "historical figure"...........whooo may or may not be as "historical" as he thinks XD
S.o.O 1.6.31-- The Fight (2)

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Weeeeell now we KNOW at least one of them is gonna die.... >__>

Another kill for Kal :/ (you know..come to think of it everyone who's died in this comic so far me thinks was killed by Kalverick...).


Thanks for reading, guys! Just to let you know, next week I'm going to the mountains with my folks and I probably won't be able to finish the page in time before I go. I'm gonna try! But expect a week off just in case!
The Frozen Hunt
I drew this for a 100 days of summer and I picked 100 animals so here's my first two!

I been watching "Frozen Planet" on Netflix and I have a major respect for animals that survive in the north and south poles. One animal that has really captured my interest is the Leopard Seal. Haha I'm fascinated with animals of which I would probably poop myself if I bumped into it in the water or on land (in this case in the water). 

They can get about 13 ft  long and have been known to stalk people, even attack a couple times, and in one case (that I know of) kill a biologist :o

But penguins are their fav X"D
S.o.O 1.6.30--- The Fight (1)

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Kal really had it there for a second....


Meant to get this page out this morning but there was some family stuff that really needed some attention. All is well tho..thanks for reading!!

See you next week! <3
Chibi Johan
Haha I drew this a while ago and colored it recently <3. I love this fellow tho he hasn't had a chance to appear without his helmet in comic! I want to do these for all the SoO characters and I wanna get how I want to color them thank you Johan for being great practice!

Johan was created by Alicia, and he's in my comic "Serpents of Old" which you can read--> :iconsoo--fanclub:


Hay guys! Been FOREVER since I've posted a journal and I believe that this is a special enough occasion! I haven't done this in a while but I'm so grateful for this 300+ watcher milestone! Been on DA a LOOOONG time and this really means a lot to me!

I happen to be at a time right now where I have to practice a new art program, so...what better way to practice than to bless YOU guys! Haha may not be the best artist around but free things are great right? And you watched me for a REASON I'd imagine X"D. Haha SO!

FREE headshot  to any of my watchers who make a request! :D :D
Could be ANY character! Yours, mine, or someone else's! 

Basic Rules:

1. This is for my watchers only! (wouldn't be much of a thank you if I did it for ANYone ;D.)

2. MUST have a visual reference of the character that you link to when you make the request! (Guys I reeeally don't want to guess what's in your brain X"D)

3. Just for fun maybe tell me why you started watching me-- was it "Serpents of Old", my horse/animal drawings, etc? I just want to know! :D :D

****I can do any character-- humans, animals, anthros, you name it! As long as you have a reference****

As I finish each request I'll link you do it and then when I've got a batch done I'll post them together on DA along with links to all of you! Thanks again for your support it means a lot to me!
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EE thank you so much! That really makes my day I hope you will continue to enjoy it! <3
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